I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
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Charles Bradford | 36 [Human] | Clinical Psychologist | DECEASED | Jude Law

Patient, Empathetic, Humanitarian

Stern, Finicky, Patronizing


Charlie was born to a Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bradford in London, England. His family owned a large flat in western Kensington, close to where his father could easily go to and from work without too much of a hassle. Arthur Bradford worked as the head xenobiological researcher in London’s branch of Starfleet, often taking more hours to work than necessary. His wife, Jacklyn Bradford, had been on maternity leave when Charlie was born. She typically saw the stars on the USS Nimitz as a junior lieutenant, one of the head nurses . Charlie was six when she shipped out again.

For the majority of his life, Charlie leaned on his father. They weren’t overly wealthy, but they were privileged - sophisticated, some might say. As far back as Charlie can remember, he’d seen so many benefit dinners, cocktail parties, birthdays for people he couldn’t recollect the names or faces of. Arthur Bradford had close ties to the Admiralty in Starfleet, or at least those connected to the branch in London, and with that brought a rippling social life. It also brought Charlie a lot of educational opportunities that they wouldn’t have been offered otherwise.

Charlie’s interest in psychology blossomed from his overt nature as a child. He enjoyed studying body language and character traits based off his quiet observations, sometimes analyzing someone by these habits and surprising them when he knew more than they believed to lead on. Because of that, he developed an ability to act as a social butterfly. Charming, people called him. He used that and his father’s social status as a means of getting into the University of Oxford, which later led to his graduate studies under the subject of Psychological Research. His dissertation for his Doctorate in PsyD delved into the topic of xenopsychology and its relation and effect on the human race.

Starfleet was where he wanted to be, of course. His parents were proud to see him take a few years to shadow psychological researchers in the Academy, taking the required courses, and teaching a few courses in applied psychology for freshman joining Starfleet before taking his first fleet assignment. After the attack on Earth by the terrorist John Harrison, he wanted a new environment. Somewhere to expand his understanding. He got that on the USS Enterprise.

Charles speaks often with Clara Preston, and is quite fond of her. Professionally speaking, he has ties to Rennan Kalre and Leonard McCoy, as well.

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