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Taire R. | 24 [Ramuran] | Stowaway [disguised as security] | George Bladgen | TAKEN

Quick-thinking, Objective, Loyal
★ Cynical, Pessimistic, Sarcastic

Born on Ramura, Taire has lived under an oppressive government’s rule where the citizens are subdued through erasure of their memories. By keeping his head down and some illegal methods, Taire has been part of and watched many revolutions occur, their leaders rising and falling and returning to the mundanity of an erased passion.

Except for one. A revolutionary called Sejeln apparently seems to incite revolution over and over again, each time more impassioned than the last. Taire watches him, impressed and still cynical, and one day while he is inebriated tells Sejeln that he never had his memory erased. He finds out that Sejeln recalls everything, and with Taire’s ‘confession’ Sejeln starts more revolutions.

Until one revolution, the government finally caught Taire - but not before he suggests to Sejeln that he could try to contact Starfleet. Sejeln then steals a starship and takes Taire along, not knowing that Taire has lost all of his memories, including his memories of Sejeln.

After flying the starship, the duo lands on the planet the Enterprise is stranded on. Taire is a very confused amnesiac who is following Sejeln, and although unknown to himself he is very much wanted by the Ramuran government, as they fear that he would regain all of his previous memories, and be Sejeln’s formidable partner once more. 

He has a bit of a crush on Sejeln, even though he doesn’t really know who the man is. On the Enterprise, he will readily bond with anyone who can down a tankard of alcohol and still be able to stand on two feet.

Sejeln E | 23 [Ramuran] |  Stowaway (disguised as security) | Aaron Tveit | TAKEN

☆ Determined, Loyal, Clever
★ Furious, Power-hungry, Cold

Born on Ramura, Sejeln has lived under an oppressive government’s rule where the citizens are subdued through erasure of their memories. One day he incites a revolution with his friends, unhappy with the current state of affairs - which ultimately fails and results in the erasure of his memory. He forgets.

But not for long. Sejeln’s memories return, through some fluke or another, and he starts up another revolution, with his old friends and some new to replace the old that refused to join. And it fails again. 

He regains his memories again, and the cycle repeats until one day out of the original group of his first revolution, the only one left, Taire, tells him that all along he had evaded the memory erasure and actually remembers all the revolutions Sejeln begun, and more before that. Impassioned, Sejeln leads more revolutions again and again, with a cynical Taire at his side. 

This repeats until one revolution, Taire finally gets caught and gets his memory erased - but not before he suggests that Sejeln could contact Starfleet. Sejeln decides to steal a starship and take Taire along, not knowing that he has lost the only person who could relate to him. 

After flying the starship, the duo lands on the planet the Enterprise is stranded on. Sejeln’s goals are to convince Starfleet to help him overthrow the government, and to regain Taire’s memories.

Taire is both Sejeln’s best friend and worst enemy. Sejeln will defend him with his life, but he often wonders if he’s more of a burden than an asset. 

We active here?

Yep! The event is still in full swing. We’re also coming out with that OOC contact page soon. 

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Vincent Bishop | 25 [Human] | Cryptanalysis | TAKEN | Daniel Sharman

☆ Focused, Ambitious, Resolute

★ Manipulative, Arrogant, Distant

Born in Germany to two frequently absent parents, a nosy sister Isabella, and multiple nannies, the then named Valerian Sigur surrounded himself with books and knowledge above all. His penchant for causing trouble emerged much later on, assisted by his active and clever sister. Their childhood mostly consisted of exploring the surrounding city before they were moved to the United States at an early age. There, Isabella found herself bored with school while Valerian finished with excellent marks, excelling especially with technology. 

It was at the age of twenty that he and Isabella ended up truly embracing their troubling natures. His sister had always gotten demerits in school and tended to stray with the wrong crowd, but it ended with plenty of credits in her pocket and adrenaline in her blood. He joined her, discovering she never harmed anyone, but she did cover up the crimes. With her wiping physical traces and he digital ones, they became the go-to team for crime syndicates and smugglers. With that sort of business and number of clients, eventually word did reach the authorities. The two fled—Valerian had just finished university while Isabella had dropped out, and the two virtually disappeared off the map. 

Though Isabella died in her escape, Valerian lived on in hiding, completely off the grid and keeping his skills sharp. Though he never wandered back into the business, he did use the stored credits to completely wipe every trace of his own existence, especially where he couldn’t reach. A new one was crafted with the money, and after a year in hiding, he emerged in San Francisco to enroll into Starfleet Academy. Now he’s been placed on the Enterprise with the newly adopted name of Vincent Bishop and a past to match, where he hopes to either slip back into his own ways or find something even better. 

No relationships thus far, since he’s new. 

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Event: Parcels

The Enterprise has just received a shipment containing parcels for everyone! However, it seems that there was an error in the shipment and packages have arrived to the wrong recipient.

It is up to the characters receiving these items if they want to try to find the rightful owner quietly, loudly, or perhaps even not at all. But everyone will certainly be searching for their own package.

We will notify you what you’ve received and what you were supposed to receive shortly! As an option, you may tag your posts as entrevent: parcel. If you do not receive and ask, and your ask box is open, please contact the main blog!


With the recent revamping around the blog, there are some ground rules the admins want to clear up, as well as discuss the changes. To new, upcoming, or potential members, make sure to look at the new open characters, as many needed canons have been reopened! Feel free to skim over this announcement, however, most of it shall pertain to current roleplay. For existing members, this is a very important announcement and is a mandatory read.

First. The official moderators are Ellen, Gabs, Monty, and Shel. We are all involved in accepting applications and making final plot decisions, but individually our roles are as follows:

  • Ellen is in charge of premade bios, answering asks, maintaing activity and checks, helping anyone who’s confused about any subject (so feel free to approach her if you need anything cleared up), and a new monthly question for characters, which will be a device for activity as well as character development.   
  • Gabs will be posting follow and accepted announcements, and other announcements that need to be made, as well as answering questions.
  • Monty is in charge of formatting the bios and images for the bios, contacting applicants if needed, and give prompts to those who request one.
  • Shel, myself, will be writing material for the major plots, doing the graphics for such, as well as writing smaller assignments. I will also be in charge of monthly relationship updates for characters.

Second. We have decided to delay the current plot. We are sorry for the back pedaling, but I was not aware of what was about to happen when I started the plot. We will continue it once everything resume normal pace and the new rules have been set into motion. All roleplays should be dropped, and are welcomed to be continued once we return to the plot. For now, everyone is in their normal universe.

Third. Characters will now be accepted in a set time of 48 hours. If a character has not been accepted by this standard, please send in the app again, as it was not received.

Fourth. We are more strictly enforcing the three character rule. We do not require members who already have more than three characters to cut down to such a number, however we implore those members to consider who they might be able to drop. This does not have to be done immediately with the change (as mentioned, it will not apply to existing characters), but if you eventually find yourself growing inactive with a character at some point, consider dropping them.

Fifth. Recent applications have been accepted too leniently, and are lacking in substance. Most of these are from existing members, and the mods have decided they require to be updated and better fleshed out. Consider mentioning origins, family, motivation, and/or past struggles/successes. We will contact those who need to update this, however, feel free to notify the group if you wish to update your biography at any point.

Sixth. Activity checks will be held more often and more efficiently. We will have monthly questions and relationship updates to also track activity. Everyone should have at least one para going and be interacting with at least three other characters at all times. Min-plot will be in place to help instigate this.

Seventh. Please remember your roleplay etiquette. Don’t godmod or powerplay, cut your posts, and reblog as text! We know sometimes you’re on mobile and can’t do the latter but please tag such posts so the mods know.

Eighth, and finally. We would all like to apologise for recent events and unneeded stress it might have caused on our members. We are going through a big adjustment and sometimes change will encounter friction, but rest assured everything has been worked out smoothly. Thank you, everyone, for sticking through it and being mature about everything. You guys are all great and we value each and every one of our members so much! <3

We will be updating the rules and FAQs to reflect these changes, so feel free to review them again.

-The Admins.

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